June 22, 2024

Black Entrepreneur History

#1 Source for Black Entrepreneur History



Black Entrepreneur History is the #1 source of Black + Entrepreneurship + History all in one place.

Black Entrepreneur History tells the stories of African American/Black American entrepreneurs, and by these stories, Black people of all ages can learn how to launch their own businesses by reading and realizing the footsteps of their own ancestors and how they did it … sometimes from barely nothing.


Black Entrepreneur History is founded in 2021, created out of a passion for learning and teaching about African American entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship. Since there was no one place for things Black + Entrepreneurship + History all in one, BlackEntrepreneurHistory.com is to become the number one source for Black entrepreneur history, all combined in one. It’s for all people, no matter what ethnicity, to learn more details about what has been so long left out of education – Black + Entrepreneurship +History.

“Black Entrepreneur History creates a revolving online home for Black people, Black stories and Black history along with Black entrepreneurship. When we say revolving, we mean a place that builds on its own, constantly updating with present and past Black entrepreneur news, in order that as we move forward in future, there will be a place that easily connects the past with the present in real time, not scattered, but easily found among brand new and exciting Black startups and businesses.”

“Even more than that, Black Entrepreneur History is here to educate and teach what African American/Black American ancestors did in order to thrive and create something from nothing. African American history can educate in present and future entrepreneurial endeavors, all the way from the time of slavery, because African Americans have always been entrepreneurs.”

Black Entrepreneur History

Black Entrepreneur History may also include history of racially black people who are not ethnically and culturally African American/Black American but were in the USA and assimilated into African American culture. In those cases, Black Entrepreneur History will note their ethnic background such as Jamaica American, Nigerian American etc.