May 29, 2024

Black Entrepreneur History

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African American (historically called Black American and Afro-American; now presently added/also referred to as Original Black Americans and American Descendants of Slaves) – African Americans/Black Americans are a multiethnic ethnic group from the country of United States of America who are the descendants of the enslaved Africans who were sold off and enslaved in the USA, forbidden to return at the points of no return during the TransAtlantic Slave Trade. African American/Black Americans are one of three foundational building groups of the United States, the others being Indigenous and White Americans. This same ethnic group of people tend to also have genetics from at least three other continents – Europe, Indigenous North America and also Asia. This ethnic group formed through merger ethnogenesis and formed their own culture and inventions in the USA that have had and continues to have a tremendous impact on the globe.

African Americans share a unique history and culture consisting of foods, folklore, wars/struggles/fights, emancipation date, museums, institutions such as HBCUs, perspective, music and more which makes them distinguishable within the African Diaspora. African Americans are people whose African ancestors exited several areas/ethnic groups in Africa through enslavement prior to the naming of modern day countries during the TransAtlantic slave trade, which is why they are termed African American specifically – the landmass was called Africa, not split into modern day countries. This ethnic group was stripped of most of the ethnic cultures of Africa, thus, building and creating their own in several areas in the USA. They also have an African American diaspora.

*African American*, just like several other ethnic groups of the African diaspora, is a compound term, meaning it is two words put together to create a new singular word, meaning it is a singular ethnic group in the diaspora, not all inclusive, due to the etymological documented facts within this group of people who were in the United States at its foundation involuntarily. It is not to be compared with the use of Asian American or European American, where each of these for instance knows the ethnic groups from which they derive. African Americans did not know this, and because of this, became their own ethnic group having to have formed their own culture and subcultures, starting within the bounds of captivity into their own emancipated freedom, unaware and barred from other African cultures of their previous ancestors for centuries.

African Diaspora – the total sum of African descendants of several African ethnicities who live outside of the continent of Africa. Some of the ethnicities of the African Diaspora are African American, Nigerian American, Ghanaian American, Jamaican (Black Jamaican), Haitian (Black Haitian), Afro-Mexican, Afro-Brazilian, Black British and more. Each have their own histories and cultures which developed in different ways, however, all are of Africa, and many are distantly related across ethnicities. Most of the African Diaspora derives from the slave trade, and many ethnic groups of the African Diaspora are both single and compound terms.

Entrepreneur – a business owner and operator, which can consist of inventors and writers.

Venture Capital – financing, or funds, provided from any investor for a beginning, or start up, business or company. It is called “venture capital” because the definition of venture is an undertaking, or enterprise, that comes high risk.