May 29, 2024

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Pharrell Williams Drops Entrepreneur Official Music Video

Just the other day, Pharrell Williams revealed his latest release, Entrepreneur, would hit today, and the Entrepreneur music video ready to view below or on YouTube. Jay-Z is featured on the song as well.

Throughout the Entrepreneur music video, Pharrell highlights many black entrepreneurs, black people with their own businesses, thinkers and innovators. The song hooks the words Black Man from the beginning to the middle of the song when he gives a moment of silence for Nipsey Hustle, another entrepreneur who was gunned down, before coming back with a Jay-Z’s verse. The song continues with the Black Man chant while continuing to highlight a multitude of black entrepreneurs.

The video was directed by CALMATIC.

Black people have a history of entrepreneurship from the time they ever touched America, and this spirit hasn’t burned out yet.

Of course, here at Black Entrepreneur History, the song is wonderful, intriguing and dope.

Pharrell Williams is a songwriter, entrepreneur, fashion designer, singer, and record producer plus rapper. He has worked behind the scenes as composer on major motion pictures and even is recently featured on Beyonce’s Black Is King.