April 18, 2024

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Bingo Bango Is One of the Tasty Black-Owned Soda Brands In the USA

When one thinks about soda, normally the mind selects the major brands that line the shelves in grocery stores. However, there are other brands, specifically Black-owned soda brands, that also offer up a tasty treat.

Bingo Bango Fresh Fruit Soda Co., the Black-owned soda brand founded in 2017 and based out of North Carolina. Founded by Michael Robinson II, Bingo Bango was developed using a juicer that was passed down from his grandfather and eventually to him via his mother.

He experimented with flavors and Bingo Bango was formed and now is fully bottled and ready to drink and enjoy! What’s amazing about it is that the soda is made from all natural ingredients.

Right now, Bingo Bango can be found all over North Carolina. Visit the website here for deliveries and to try a taste.