June 22, 2024

Black Entrepreneur History

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Isaiah Owens of Owens Funeral Home Has Served Northern & Southern USA For Half a Century

Well-known in both Harlem, New York and Branchville, South Carolina is the Owens Funeral Home, founded by licensed funeral director Isaiah Owens.

Born in Branchville, South Carolina, Isaiah has always had a vision, and that vision led him to becoming a successful entrepreneur in the funeral services business. According to the Owens Funeral Home official website, he was always curious when it comes to the ceremony of the burial and would even practice as a young boy. Those dreams came to life, and now Isaiah Owens’ funeral home has been in business for fifty years, having founded the New York location in 1971.

The Owens Funeral Home has cared for many families, from the affluent to the not so well known, but all well loved. As a matter of fact, he provided services for the Kennedy family, John F. Kennedy, wife and child, when they were killed in a horrible plane wreck.

One thing that we can all learn from the life and career of Isaiah Owens is:

  • Stay focused. Everything won’t be easy, but putting in the work is worth it, especially when it gives back a great gift to the community.
  • Never give up on your dream because it may be your prophetic path.
  • Gain the knowledge necessary to expand, just as he gained the proper education to legally and confidently launch and expand.
  • Provide great service because it will speak for you

Whenever called upon, the Owens Funeral Home has been available both in the northern part of the USA and the Southern while making Black Entrepreneur History.