February 29, 2024

Black Entrepreneur History

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Learn Business & Have Fun Doing It With The Entrepreneur Game!

The Entrepreneur Game, founded by Elliott Eddie, is the only STEM accredited board game in the world, and being that there will probably be more to come after this one, Elliott Eddie is the first person to get the job done. Because of his invention, he will be inducted into the Black Inventor’s Hall of Fame’s “Black Inventor’s Got Game” in the Spring of 2022, according to Black News.

The Entrepreneur Game is an award winning board game that teaches children all about entrepreneurship, something that isn’t taught in school but needs to be. That’s okay though because Elliott Eddie’s board game is already a hit and can easily be introduced in school during down time as well as with the entire family at home.

Children twelve years old and up become founders of their own business, and from there, they grow their business through everything needed in a business plan – marketing, budgeting, etc – so they won’t go bankrupt! It teaches about non cash assets and cash while if one wins with one million at the end of it all, everyone playing the game must give props where props is due by saying “You’re an incredible entrepreneur!”

Much needed business skills are taught while having fun, and the question is, what can we learn from this entrepreneur?

The lessons that we can take from Elliott Eddie are to do something that hasn’t been done and do it with a social objective! What is the social objective for The Entrepreneur Game? Teaching the youth business through not electronics but real life interactions in board game play!