May 29, 2024

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Photographer Norman Oates Decided To Make a Massive Mark With Business In Connecticut

Norman Oates, founder of Norman Oates Photography, has carved out a career of his own after discovering his self-taught passion.

Located in Bloomfield, Connecticut, Norman Oates launched his photography business in 2012, and according to an interview he had with Fox61, it was while he was doing music and filming behind the scenes footage that he realized he loved the camera more. Therefore, he dove in, selling all his musical equipment to pump all his energy into his new realized passion – photography.

Did he re-enroll in school? No. He did, however, gain much knowledge about photography, editing and launching a business through watching YouTube videos. This is when he realized that he could and would earn income through doing what he loved.

One awesome thing one can learn from Norman Oates discovering his passion and putting it to work for himself and others is that there is a selflessness and fulfillment that comes from entrepreneurship, and it shows through the people he has served and how he is also gaining joy in what he does.

Below is one of his first videos made available publicly on his channel about his job dilemma and if it made sense for him to remain there or be the creative entrepreneur that he needed to be.