June 25, 2024

Black Entrepreneur History

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Jason William Mizell – “Jam Master Jay”

Brooklyn, New York has been the birthplace of much talent, and if the name Jason William Mizell doesn’t spin any turntables, maybe the other name he was best known for in the hip hop entertainment and music industry will – Jam Master Jay.

Jam Master Jay was killed in a music studio. Two men entered and executed the famous DJ known for his music in the famous group Run DMC. Ronald Washington and Karl Jordan, have been charged and indicted twenty years later in the October 30th, 2002 murder, but have yet to be found guilty.

He was killed at the age of 37 in Jamaica, Queens but was brought into this life (January 21, 1965) as a powerhouse of music, gifted as a musician, having become skilled at the drums, guitar and trumpet. When he learned about the turntables through a type of apprenticeship with a DJ named Def Lou Hauck, he fell in love, gave himself a name – Jazzy Jase – and began to make history.

It was in 1982 when he desired to be a part of the duo hip hop band Run-DMC, real names Joseph Simmons and Daryl McDaniels. When he did join the band, he played all the instruments he grew up learning how to play for the band, including the turntables.

Becoming an entrepreneur, he founded Jam Master Jay Records, going on to sign such famous acts like 50 Cent, who is now known for not only rap music, but television shows and movies. Jam Master Jay also signed acts like Chuck D, Onyx and Black Child.

Unfortunately, this young entrepreneur left the earth far too soon, leaving four children to carry on his memory.