July 23, 2024

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Tattered Cover Bookstore Becomes Black-Owned & Largest Black-Owned Bookstore in USA

Congratulations to owners Kwame Spearman and David Back, two Black investors and entrepreneurs, the owners Bended Page LLC, as they have acquired ownership of Denver’s Tattered Cover bookstore. This acquisition makes Tattered Cover the largest Black-owned independent bookstore in the United States of America.

On the brink of a shut down during the pandemic and also due to poor leadership when it comes to social awareness as far as taking a stance with Black Lives Matter, the former owners decided it best to transfer ownership over to new management to the two men who had the entrepreneurial skill and capital to transform Tattered Cover into a place necessary for the future while adding “dialogue that BLM and some of the other movements have begun”.

Spearman and Back are both Denver natives, and Spearman, in an interview with Denverite, stated that along the other Tattered Cover locations, they will be opening more, one in McGregor Square and Westminster.

As far as Black authors are concerned, they will add more to the inventory than the store previously had, and overall, allow it to be a more diverse and welcoming spot for all the community.

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