February 25, 2024

Black Entrepreneur History

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Black Entrepreneur Mindset: Think Improvement & Do It

There are many items and inventions that could use improvements. Many Black Entrepreneurs have used this avenue in order to found successful businesses.

For instance, in the hair industry, there are constant improvements to wigs and lace fronts, extensions so that it mimics natural Black curly and kinky hair versus straight. Once Black business minds saw the potential, they began to create quality hair for Black women who want a quick style change but also want it to appear like their own natural hair.

All this to say, Black entrepreneurs need not say “This has already been done.” Instead of that, begin to say, “how can this be improved and make my business even more successful“, possibly even with a patent.

Be led by the examples of Black Entrepreneurs Lewis Howard Latimer who improved the railway toilet and Rose Meta Morgan who launched beauty products specifically for Black women when there were hardly any on the market.

Improve where there needs to be improvement, and make that your business.