February 25, 2024

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Black Entrepreneurs Must Block the Naysayers To Achieve Success And Build Their Brands

Building successful businesses and brands take time, and for the Black entrepreneur, building that brand may come with denying naysayers the right to write the future of your business and brand’s success.

As Black entrepreneurs grow their businesses, unfortunately, they may catch hell from every side. It may become hard to ignore the naysayers and build on the blocks of faith and what is actually real versus what people may be saying against you. What you are doing may never have been done before or it may be that you will be the only Black entrepreneur in that arena which could potentially make it more difficult, but not impossible, to gain continuous momentum.

This is why it is vital for Black entrepreneurs to know how to block the naysayers and develop a plan to get the job done anyway. This lesson was taught in the life and career of African American “Architect to the Stars” Paul Revere Williams. His success came by doing the following:

  • He Ignored Like a Champion – Paul Revere Williams was told by his teacher that his Black skin would hold him back from making a career in architecture, so he should immediately change his goals. Of course, he didn’t listen.
  • He Chose To Listen To His Own Voice – He had a dream since a child, and it had nothing to do with his appearance, but his skill and desire. He allowed that to rule his life versus naysayers.
  • He Never Adopted Naysayer Thinking or Ways – His competition was himself, and he knew he had to be the best in a room full of white people who thought less of him. He never thought less of himself, no matter what. In fact, that made him better.
  • His Work Spoke For Him & Proved His BOSS – Although he networked, apprenticed, and became licensed, that was only the beginning of his brand building. The final conversations were created through is architectural designs and how they became the conversational masterpieces for the poor and wealthy. When the proof shown through the pudding, there was nothing the naysayers could say.

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