May 29, 2024

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Dig Yourself Out of Doubt & Giving Up, Black Entrepreneur

Times get tough. Honestly, times get tough as nails as a Black entrepreneur, and after a while, there will definitely be a time where you may slip into a bit of doubt and you may even feel like giving up. Much of this doubt can come from everyday problems to the memories of the past that racism stole, burned and snatched success from Black people time and time again. The thing is – don’t all the root of doubt and discouragement to grow.

Instead of giving into doubt and giving up altogether, Black boss, there are specific things you can do to dig yourself out of that funk.


One of the first things you can do is simply go vent. Venting can be simply screaming at the top of your lungs, going into a quiet place and crying or even having that die hard friend that understands that you need to just let it out. Venting relieves pressure, and Black Entrepreneurs fall under plenty pressure coming from all sides. Therefore, don’t become swallowed up in defeat. Instead, release so that you can…


Distractions come from everywhere, and one thing that happens when we pay attention to distractions is that it moves us from our paths. It gets us off of our game to try and play on another court or play be other rules not set by us. This leaves us confused and an even more stressed than before.

Therefore, we need to refocus anytime our vision for the future is blurred by storms and setbacks. Remember, you started as the storm and you will finish as the storm that tears the mountains down. How do you do that? Keep things in …


Oh when the perspective is off, everything is off! For the Black Entrepreneur, perspective means so much. One single shift in the weather doesn’t necessarily change the climate. Keep the weather in perspective. Rain makes the flowers grow, but it’s still summer time!

Basically, bad things happen, and there may be slumps in progress, but the sun still shines each day. If it has the gall to show up and show out, so should you. Therefore, keep every bump in the road in perspective. It’s just exercise, making you stronger to rise to the occasion even better tomorrow.


Knowing how the Black entrepreneurs of history overcame so many adversities and still thrived can also bring one out of the funk of doubt into the eve of inspiration! People such as George Washington Carver who started off a hard life as just a boy or Garrett Augustus Morgan who invented the gas mask but had to jump through hoops in order to not have success slip from his grasp.


The Lord has brought us a long way, and we all know that faith without works is dead. Black people have lived that every day of their lives. Therefore, reach up to God and pull that faith and strength from prayer because no matter how much you work, you need faith because it is the substance of all you hope for and it is the evidence of things not seen.

Finally when you have this faith, you know what you work for is within reach and even in the palm of your hand.

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