April 22, 2024

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How To Open a Black-Owned Police Department Servicing African American Communities

Can and should African Americans open Black-owned police departments to service African American communities?

For years, the African American community has been over policed and policed by the wrong individuals, some of these individuals being members of associations and gangs who even hate African Americans. There have been countless times where officers of the law are caught on tape planting evidence on African American people to make false arrests as well as vocalizing their disdain for Black people.

Therefore, it’s obvious that African American communities need their own African American police departments and force because they will understand their own people, how their own people communicate and won’t come in as if everyone is a criminal based on skin color.

The question many have is – how to start an African American owned and operated police department. Well, there is a free downloadable PDF provided by the US government to show how to do just that.

The book is titled Guidelines for Starting and Operating a New Police Department. It gives the step by step guidelines on how to get the project done, and the reasons for even wanting a community based police department in the first place, one of the reasons being dissatisfaction with current police departments and how they respond and interact with your area.

Download the PDF and come together in a community meeting, along with powerful African Americans in the area, and make a difference in the lives and safety of our families, friends and youth.

Learn more about how African American communities faired better when in control of their own situations when reading about Issac Dickson, the Founder of North Carolina’s Young Men’s Institute.