May 29, 2024

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Ten Foundational Skills Needed For All Black Entrepreneurs

Foundational skills are items that entrepreneurs use everyday in order to keep their businesses operating smoothly. Foundational skills are items that care learned over time and are even learned in grade school, so pay attention. All those small annoying things teachers and parents harp on children about are definitely foundational skills for all entrepreneurs.

Below are ten foundational skills needed for all Black Entrepreneurs as they launch or expand their businesses.

  • Communication – In order to run a solid business, great communication skills are a must, both written and oral.
  • Mathematics – In business there is money. Know your own books, even if you have to hire someone to manage them. Know what they know plus more.
  • Customer Service – If you don’t know your customers, you don’t know the fuel to your business
  • Decision Making – learn how to weigh the pros and cons and make the best decisions for business, self and workers at the same time because all need tender loving care and success.
  • Know Your Own Strengths and Weaknesses – Where you are weak, hire strength, and where you are strong, hire those just as strong.
  • Scheduling and Time Management – Late much? Hope not.
  • Leadership – No one wants to follow anyone into a ditch, and employees can spot an imposter posing as a great leader. Horrible leaders can make entire countries fall, so be certain that leadership skills are up to par.
  • Networking – Networking goes in with communication, however, it’s communication with those who can add to your service while you add to theirs. Know how to build bridges with people in order to help each other.
  • Problem Solving – There will be a dead end…or will there be? Here is where great problem solving skills come in to show the way out or a detour in order to get the job done.
  • Delegating – Know how and who to entrust another with a task instead of taking on everything oneself.