July 23, 2024

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Why Black Entrepreneurs Must Be Willing To Also Move Beyond the Internet To Build

As tempting as it may seem to sit in the house, log on to the internet, and build your business, the fact of the matter is that there are some reasons why one needs to push away from the computer to also build that business while on the move.

Let’s think about it. While you are on the computer connecting with thousands, think about how many other thousands of people aren’t on the internet. Think about how many opportunities there are when you are not logged on, how many people won’t ever find out about your product unless there is an actual physical copy of it before them and how many ideas may come forth from being inspired by what’s not at the computer.

Imagine how your personality is better conveyed with a smile, hug, high-five or handshake? Things can become much more personal when business owners and builders lay foundations not only online, but face to face with others.

George Washington Carver is an world renowned African American inventor and agricultural business man who did much of what he did through traveling. He invented a vehicle where he went from town to town and promoted his business, teaching many. No, there wasn’t any internet, but that’s what makes this example even better.

It means it CAN BE DONE successfully face to face. Therefore, instead of solely using the comforts of the internet to build which can be and should be very rewarding, don’t forget about how rewarding face to face interaction is as well.

Look at presidential elections. Sure, the candidates are online, however, face to face and door to door along with the campaigning is unstoppable.

All of this to say, one can’t always wait for someone or a group of people to find you on the internet because some don’t have it or some only are on it for a couple hours a day.

Don’t sell yourself short by the misconception that actually contacting a person outside is a thing of the past. It is very much present and must not be forgotten for the added convenience of the world wide web. Utilize person to person contact and the internet together because both are very good for business building.

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