April 23, 2024

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Why Crafting a Basic But Beautiful Elevator Pitch Is Worth It

So what is an elevator pitch? Well, in short, an elevator pitch is an explanation of something that is easy to to understand, short and to the point. Basically, if you can’t explain and even engage individuals about your business in the time it takes for the elevator to stop, then you have a bad elevator pitch.

Great elevator pitches answer the who, what, why, whens and wheres of your business in less than a minute. Sixty seconds is actually a very long time when speaking, and it is great to have your elevator pitch memorized for the impromptu or even scheduled conversation when someone is curious about what you do or what your business entails.

An example of when elevator pitches are necessary are at pop up shops, festivals or any event where there will be crowds of people who may be networking or there to shop. Business owners must be able to be straight to the point about their services, but also make certain they use key terms and points that grab the attention of the listener.

Depending on the business and the target audiences, more than one elevator pitch may be necessary. For example, the service may be good for older and younger people, but for different reasons. Therefore, the business owner must adjust depending on to whom he or she is pitching.

Here’s an example of a great elevator pitch:

So many people are tired of being tired because they aren’t getting any sleep at all. Well, my new neck and shoulder exercise techniques have successfully solved over 95% of insomnia in all my clients, and what makes it even better is that it only costs a video session, consistency and dedication in the comfort of your own home. I’ll show you how to enjoy many great nights of sleep with a quick schedule and home or office visit.

The above elevator pitch tackled the problem and the solution with proof while securing a scheduled visit, and the great part about it is that it leaves the listener excited and ready to ask more questions and find out if they can sleep better.

When in business, sit down and craft a couple of great elevator pitches that lead to new customers. It’s okay to add or take away items that don’t seem to work or that detract from the overall pitch. With a little practice, a great elevator pitch will take your Black business a long way.