May 22, 2024

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Why Having Unshakeable Vision Is Important For Any Black Entrepreneur

No matter where in the world, Black entrepreneurs need to have unshakeable vision. The deck had been stacked against Black people for centuries ever since the slave trades, be it the Arab or the TransAtlantic slave trades, leaving many Black people fighting an uphill battle. The uphill battle includes laws meant to harm, hurt and deter the success of any Black person in the world.

This why there is always a need for any Black Entrepreneur to have vision, but not just any vision – unshakeable vision. Unfortunately, there are still hills to climb, however, much more success stories come out of the struggles of our ancestors than one can ignore. From the mighty moves of George Washington Carver who had unshakeable vision before he was a teenager to the fascinating vision of Rose Meta Morgan when she launched her cosmetics line in a land that had yet to accept the brilliance of Black people and Black beauty, unshakeable vision is the power behind the process. If the vision is broken, the power is weakened substantially.

Bringing us up to date, one super Black Entrepreneur is Bishop T. D. Jakes. Coming from humble beginnings, he had a vision to not only preach the Word of God but launch his own businesses, one of them being TDJ Enterprises. It is from TDJ Enterprises that he publishes his books and films. Not only did he found his media empire, but he also founded The Potter’s House which has become one of the most influential churches in the world. He did all this, not only with the power of God but with the unshakable vision that was necessary being that at any moment he could have given up from hard times that come at any time.

It is vision like this that can move mountains because it is backed by faith. If you can see it, then you can do it, if you plan and put forth the effort to do it, remembering to refuel along the way so you won’t run out of gas! Here are some reasons why it is necessary that you as a Black Entrepreneur must have unshakeable vision.

  • Many Black Entrepreneurs Can’t Afford to Lose. Although Black people are highly successful people, in America and in fact the world, Black people have the least economically.
  • The Proper Narrative Must Be Told. In order to control the narrative, the vision of where and how Black people build, grow and thrive must be had in order for the prosperous narrative to become extremely common and expected. Entrepreneurship brings that to the forefront.
  • The Future Generations. Can you imagine what our present would be like if our Black ancestors and forefathers/mothers would have given up, never fought against injustices and fought to build great communities in the face of segregation and hatred? Those communities were built because most were entrepreneurs! We need to pass the torch of knowledge to future generations of Black leaders by giving them the blueprint of success and justice.
  • There Will Be Obstacles That Attempt to Stop You that Aren’t Necessarily Obstacles for Others. This is why your vision as a Black entrepreneur must be unshakeable. Let history be your schoolmaster to not give up or give in but make progress and make waves and ways!