May 29, 2024

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Black Leaders & Philanthropists To Mobilize 100,000 Black Entrepreneurs

In a huge movement, black leaders, educators, philanthropists, business experts, media and athletes plus have come together for what is the Black Entrepreneur Initiative, a movement that will mobilize 100,000 Black entrepreneurs with the skills and support needed to grow their businesses.

Some of the leaders who have come together for this initiative are:

  • Bishop Mitchell Taylor – winner of Brooks Astor ad NYC Martin Luther King Award
  • Lyneir Richardson – Executive director of Rutgers Center ofr Urban Economic Development
  • Stephen & Sterling Carter – author of Principles to Build a Million-Dollar Business
  • Erik B – hip hop legend and actor
  • Dale Moss – former NFL player, Bachelorette star and entrepreneur
  • Cathleen Trigg-Jones – Emmy Award Wining Journalist and Actress

Black Entrepreneur Initiative is in partnership with The Lonely Entrepreneur which is based in NY with the goal of empowering 1 million entrepreneurs worldwide.

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