July 23, 2024

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Black-Owned Business? Get Found On Wakuda, a Marketplace For Black Brands

So you don’t know exactly from where to purchase Black-owned brands? Do you have a Black-owned business that needs to be found by consumers who want to support you? Founders of Wakuda, Albert Larter and Nathanial Wade, thought to make black brands easier to find and support.

WAKUDA is the black-owned, online marketplace for consumers of all races who want to make targeted, conscious purchases to support black businesses while gaining a nice variety of merchandise created by independent, professional vendors.

As far as black entrepreneurs who want to sell, Wakuda provides a great route, similar to Etsy, for them to reach more consumers who desire to support black business owners via the web, providing a custom dashboard and storefront.

Wakuda is UK based, and the items found on the site range from art to clothing and beauty to books and food. Learn more at the video below.

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