April 15, 2024

Black Entrepreneur History

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ByBlacks Brings Black Canadian Stories & Businesses to the Forefront at a Very Necessary Time

There was a time in the Americas where Black people were written about with disgusting and vile language. No matter how wonderful Black people were, they were demeaned in the media and newspapers, anything having to do with journalism.

As a matter of fact, in the United States of America during the times of slavery, posters were positioned and passed out for the capture of Black men and women who were simply trying to gain freedom. The derogatory way in which the Americas documented the lives of Black men women and children is horrifying.

Post-slavery, media outlets continued to only document the great news of white people while disregarding the great news of Black people. Therefore, Black newspapers by Black people were formed in order to document not only great news, but record and inform the injustices that were being committed because without documentation, everything will be forgotten, denied or swept under the rug when it came to Black people.

This brings us to ByBlacks.com – an online magazine that tells Black Canadian stories exclusively, including a Black Canadian business directory.

Their directory of Black Canadian businesses include those from artists, authors, youth services and politicians and even entertainment and technology. What the mainstream news overlooks, Black people in Canada and those who visit from abroad will know exactly where to go to support Black owned businesses in the area as well as the various Black Canadian events to attend.

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