June 22, 2024

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Chicago Launches Black Shop Friday; Learn a Black Billionaire’s Perspective Change That Inspired His Billion Dollar Business


It’s November 2020 and we are all on the verge of Black Friday during the Covid-19 pandemic which has hit all businesses, especially Black-owned businesses hard. Therefore, the city of Chicago, Illinois has launched Black Shop Friday for shoppers and supporters of Black-owned businesses to shop over 500 Black businesses that will be listed on the website before Black Friday.

Black Shop Friday isn’t just for Black people but for all people who want to support Black-owned businesses. Visit BlackShopFriday.com.

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Dave Steward’s Perspective Change That Inspired Billion Dollar Business

In a recent interview with TIME Magazine, African American businessman Dave Steward, founder of St. Louis, Missouri’s billionaire technology company World Wide Technology, explained how he went from auditing freight bills on railroads to becoming part of the revolution in technology. It was all because he took a more in depth look at the job he was doing.

He asked himself: “What business am I in? Am I in the business of auditing freight bills on railroads? Or am I in the business of using technology in a new and innovative way?” That was the lightbulb moment. I decided that I want to be a part of the technological revolution.

He started his company in 1990 with only five people and 4000 square feet based off of seeing his job from a broader vantage point. Steward believes that when people of color challenge the status quo, innovation happens. This is what he did.

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