April 18, 2024

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Dr. Bee Thomas

Dr. Bee Thomas Tells Black Female Entrepreneurs 5 Keys To Success In New Book

Expect F*cking More is the title of the new book by Dr. Burnetta Bee Thomas, and inside the book, she hands over the keys for Black women to grow a successful business without more schooling, countless hours on the internet searching and frustration of simply not knowing.

According to the Amazon blurb, “In Expect F*cking More, The 5 keys to business success for African American Women you will learn:

  • The tools necessary for business success, to take you from employee to successful business owner
  • How to develop your business from right where you are starting with what you have
  • The kind of support and education African American Women entrepreneurs need to build better companies
  • How to grow your business and think bigger
  • Resources to increase your financial literacy, networking, mindset, and so much more!”

Dr. Bee Thomas holds a Doctoral degree in Business Administration and college professor who started her first business in 2007.