May 29, 2024

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Evanston, Illinois To Pay Total of $10 Million Over Ten Years in Reparations to Black Residents

Reparations have started for Black residents of Evanston, Illinois, after a vote that approved ten million dollars in reparations over ten years. On Monday, Black families who qualify are starting to receive 25 thousand dollars a piece to use for real estate or home repairs.

Black residents qualify if they are direct descendants of those who lived in the early and mid 1900s who suffered discrimination in the city. Evanston, Illinois is the very first city in the United States to have reparations approved for Black families.

Discrimination played a huge role in the downfall of many Black communities and Black wealth which includes property ownership in the United States of America, and although many times overlooked, the northern and midwest states also had a large amount of discrimination, not just the southern portion of the country.

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