June 14, 2024

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Nothing Will Work Unless You Do Said the First African American Woman on the United States Quarter

Absolutely “Nothing will work unless you do” said the first African American Woman on the United States quarter which releases in February 2022. Her name is Maya Angelou, and for those in business or about to launch their first business, this is a monumental quote to live and work by.

Going back to the Bible – Faith without works is dead (James 2:14-17) – it is obvious that Maya Angelou knew this specific thing. Whatever we want for our career, we must work for it. Nothing will fall from the sky. The seed is the desire, but it’s the work that will get it done.

Maya Angelou, being a solopreneur as a writer, author, speaker and poet as well as civil rights activist, left us in the year 2014 and now is still being honored atop all her other accolades for her achievements and the legacy she left behind for Black men, women and children everywhere as her memory is etched into the United States quarter.But now that we are all here to see the moment of history being made yet again, we may all ask what does this statement mean – Nothing will work unless you do – for business owners?

  • Every day requires movement. Every day requires putting a foot forward towards goals.
    • Goals don’t require a 24/7 work week, but it does require putting forth the proper efforts to make it to your goals. Therefore, whether it be planning, moving, altering or seeking – do it. You want to look back and see progress.
  • Don’t give up. Stay the course.
    • Giving up gives you one thing. Nothing. It’s because you are doing nothing. Stay the course of success. You may have to change business plans altogether but stay the course of success.
  • In order to get back up, you have to lift yourself up. When you get pushed back down, rise again. It will take work to get back up because no one will pull you up for the most part. That’s effort. That’s work.
    • It’s great to have someone there to help you on the way up, however, when there is on one, work at it yourself. If you break a leg, get crutches. Find a way.
  • Expect nothing when you give nothing.
  • Expect harvest when you plant plenty.

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