April 18, 2024

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Sage Investment Club – An Investment Club Owned by African American Women

In celebration of its 25 years in business, Black Entrepreneur History wants to spotlight the Sage Investment Club – an investment club owned by African American women because they are making African American history today!

According to their website bio, Sage Investment Club offers a “unique space where women come together to learn about capital markets and leverage a proven investment strategy to generate profits and build wealth.” In a land where, historically, acquiring generational wealth had always been difficult for the majority of African Americans due to economic – banking and housing discrimination – and laws such as slavery, black codes, and Jim Crow, this African American women owned investment club is ideal for Black women to fellowship in the way of monetary growth.

Founded by Sonya Weaver-Johnson in 1997, being a day trader, she wanted to provide a space for women to feel more comfortable investing. This resulted in several women of diverse backgrounds coming together and generating profit from what they all learned and invested.

For more information on the Sage Investment Club, visit their website.

Taking a dip into the past, Black Entrepreneurs of the past made it their goal to also come together as a community to grow and build wealth whenever they could. One brilliant example of this would be Black Wall Street in the Greenwood District in Oklahoma, Little Hayti District in North Carolina and even the story of Reverend Leon Sullivan and the first African American owned shopping center. Discover how all these places came to pass and succeeded by clicking the links.