February 6, 2023

Black Entrepreneur History

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John J Neimore

John J Neimore – The California Eagle

Once upon a time in Black Entrepreneur History, there was a man named John J. Neimore, born in Washington County, Texas to Daniel and Susan Neimore on February 23, 1862.

It seems that he was a writer and entrepreneur from birth because as a teen, in 1879 when he moved to California, he founded “The Owl” publication. Since then, each publication he founded never stuck until he ended up founding and launching The Eagle, later to be named The California Eagle.

John Neimore also fell in love and married Ida Neimore. They both saw the rise of The California Eagle and how it shaped much of American history as a political voice for African Americans.

Unfortunately, John Neimore’s health would deteriorate, and he would have to name a successor before his death on March 9, 1912. That successor was Charlotta Amanda Bass, making her the one of the first African American females to own a news publication and later on to be the 1st African American woman nominated as VP on the Progressive ticket for the USA.