May 29, 2024

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Restaurateur & Author Chef Marcus Samuelsson Teams With Pepsi For Black-Owned Food Docuseries!

Founder of Red Rooster Overtown restaurant in Miami, Florida and author of multiple cookbooks, Chef Marcus Samuelsson is diving into Black cuisines even more as he has teamed up with Pepsi to highlight all of the amazing Black dishes in a new mini docuseries titled You Have to Taste This!

Many of us know that Black-owned restaurants and cooks aren’t all monolithic at all, but there are just as many people who don’t know this fact. This is why it is important to bring Black cuisines to the forefront, getting the history of Black foods in America and while doing that, getting to the taste of it all, starting in the South!

Hoping to garner much more attention and a boost of revenue for Black owned restaurants overall, Chef Marcus Samuelsson will visit these restaurants below, including his own Red Rooster Overtown:

  • Dukunoo – Jamiacan cuisine out of the city of Miami, owned by Shrusan Gray, Leonie McKoy, and Rodrick Leighton
  • Slutty Vegan – founded by Pinky Cole and based out of Atlanta, Georgia; known for famous vegan burgers
  • Ben’s Chilli Bowl – based in Washington DC and founded by Virginia Ali

The docuseries will premiere on August 18th and air weekly on Pepsi Dig In social platforms via @PepsiDigIn and featured on Marcus Samuelsson’s YouTube channel.

Back to Red Rooster Overtown in Miami, Chef Marcus Samuelsson’s restaurant comes with a complete American cuisine, serving dinner, brunch, happy hours, cocktails and more. The decor is dripping with the flair of camel, blues and reds in reflective lighting with highlights of Black icons and their art from around the nation, from history and in the now, all of this while serving delicious and beautiful cuisines to excite any palate.

Get a peek of You Have to Taste This below: