May 22, 2024

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African Americans Are the Most Successful Racially Black Group On the Globe

There are nearly 2 million African American millionaires in the United States of America according to Statista, and this equates to African Americans being the wealthiest and most successful ethnic group of racially Black people on the entire globe.

The descendants of the enslaved in the United States of America, known historically as African Americans, Black Americans, Afro-Americans and even American Descendants of the Enslaved or Original Black Americans have come a long way. From tragedies to triumphs, they stand on the shoulders of millions of their forefathers who had no boots to strap, but instead chains to hold them down during slavery, and yet they consistently found ways to break those chains and rise to the top in every century in the United States of America, most leaning on God as their way maker (an example of this being the African American abolitionist named Harriet Tubman also known as Moses).

It was just in the mid 1900s that there were only African American millionaires in the nation, and in less than a century, African Americans have soared in success in not one or two areas but several areas and in every industry. You will find successful African Americans in medicine, engineering, theater, sports, agriculture, academia as professors, media as producers, directors and actors, lawyers and judges, inventors, business owners and even freedom fighters. African Americans have found success and built despite their several successes being tangibly taken away, such as the burning down of their communities and cities. Resilient is a word that defines the African American, and the fact that they built and fought for a nation that welcomes everyone to enjoy its freedoms is a marvel in itself.

African American success can be documented through financial and business growth in the country but also by the movements that set the stage for the United States to become the democracy it is today. It was because of African Americans that the everyone has the right to vote. It is because of African Americans that immigration is what it is today in the country, allowing more than just European descent access to this land. It is because of African Americans being the “soul of this nation” that the nation has been able to see it’s own wrongs and move toward change.

Besides all this, African Americans are responsible for the most business start ups from 2017-2020 in comparison to all others by the double digits. Black businesses also created about 50 thousand jobs and added over one billion dollars to USA payroll. This trend is still on the move. African Americans have always been able to thrive in business, ever since the days of slavery, and it seems that the descendants of the enslaved have never forgotten this treasure.

Finally, in 2024, where we see people such as Tyler Perry owning the largest film studio in the country or Pharrell Williams and his one billion dollar initiative for Black-owned businesses, remember that African Americans are a resilient people who are rarely in competition with anyone because they are and have continuously been focused on thriving, through the bad times and the good ones, never forgetting to reach back and pull other up because their forefathers instilled that strong moral compass inside of them. It’s a great thing that they haven’t forgotten.