May 29, 2024

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Multidimensional Thinking Is a Large Part of Black Entrepreneur Success

Being able to connect the dots, or figure out the relation of one thing to another thing, has always been one of the key ingredients of Black success in entrepreneurship.

If we go back in time, there are countless Black entrepreneurs of history who developed various ways to do things that were out of the norm because they needed to survive. It was instinct. Being able to build a bridge from twigs is a must for the thriving and surviving entrepreneur, and that requires multidimensional thinking.

We can take a simple example from an outstanding Black business man of our history named William T. Johnson, also known as the Barber of Natchez.

William Johnson was skilled in thought and with his hands, so skilled, he was able to run his own business, but that’s not the only remarkable thing he did being a Black man who was formerly enslaved. He had a multidimensional way of thinking, and it showed in how he built his own house, a large one, for his family.

There was a tornado that had destroyed many homes in his area. Bricks were everywhere, so he connected the dots. He used those free bricks that would have been cast aside from the tornado and built his house! He did it brick by free brick. Amazing.

Therefore, simply knowing that piece of his life story teaches Black entrepreneurs to think multidimensionally and learn how to build something out of all the chaos and destruction. What looks like all is lost to one man, should look like opportunity for the boss man or woman.

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