May 22, 2024

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Steps to Going From Real Estate Agent to Broker

In case you haven’t noticed, more and more people are turning to real estate to earn income and become their own bosses. There are plenty of reality shows that promote the business for those who haven’t considered it and are maybe drawn to the career but don’t know how to start.

Here are the steps to becoming a real estate broker and the qualities that a great broker need to maintain.

Real Estate Courses and Examination

In every state, there are real estate courses that those interested in a real estate career must take in order to get into the business. One must then pass the exam to become licensed. Licensing is state by state. Therefore, decide on the state where you want to be licensed and take the exam accordingly.

Work as a Real Estate Agent

From there, as a real estate agent, you must go to work for a certain period of time at a real estate brokerage firm. The length of time working under that broker varies state by state.

Gain Real Estate Certifications

Now, while working, you want to gain real estate certifications. What these certifications do is keep the real estate agent in good standing and up to date while gaining a great reputation for specific niches in the industry. These certifications are for luxury homes, land, resort, commercial and so on, so certifications can definitely make one more marketable.

Become a Real Estate Broker

Next, becoming a real estate broker is the thing to do. Like any other big step, one must pass a state approved real estate broker examination and pass it. Now, after passing the the broker exam, if having made great connections and grown your clientele, then there is potential to launch your own brokerage.

Again, remember the rules vary from state to state, so discover what the rules are in your state. Of course, becoming a real estate broker is more than just examinations and homes. One must have a great attitude, be and remain positive in any market, be open for opportunities and maintain friendliness while being a great business person who knows how to network.

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