March 5, 2024

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Why Black Entrepreneurs Should Never Let Great Opportunities Pass By

The decision to launch a business is the first and easiest step in the journey to business building. However, on the road to building, there will be many decisions to make that require follow through. There will also be opportunities, some great and some not so good. It’s important for Black entrepreneurs to decide to never pass up on the great opportunities.

Here is the perfect example of a Black man not letting a great opportunity pass by in the life of Black Wall Street founder Ottowa W. Gurley. He never passed up on the government issued land that was for sale. He was in the know about what was going on around him and in other cities, as far as real estate, while he worked a full time job. Once the opportunity arose, he bought land and even more land, until he was able to fulfill his entrepreneurial dreams and the needs of his community.

Ottowa W. Gurley was already earning money in his full time post office job before he became an entrepreneur and real estate mogul. He didn’t have to launch a business, but he wanted to own because ownership, to him, was far more secure.

Even after his first real estate buy and founding his grocery store, he was already set and secure. However, Ottowa always kept his eyes open for better, until he started Black Wall Street.

The lessons learned from Ottowa Gurley’s career for entrepreneurs are:

  • Stay updated on great opportunities
  • Don’t be afraid to move to take advantage of opportunities
  • Look for ways to expand
  • Build on faith and decision to succeed
  • Even through destruction, get back up and build again

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