May 22, 2024

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Why the Creative Mind is a Terrible Thing To Waste For the Black Entrepreneur

There have been countless inventions and businesses launched over the centuries, however, as an entrepreneur, if your idea has already been done or created, keep in mind that you shouldn’t toss it away too fast. Just because it has been done, that doesn’t count you out. The fact is – you could be the business man or woman to improve it.

Taking a great example from Garrett Augustus Morgan, an African American inventor and businessman who came up from nearly nothing – no education and no money – who went on to improve inventions, such as the old overheating sewing machine, and then he went on to get his inventions patented. Not only that, he invented the first gas mask ever amongst other items.

Like Morgan, not everyone may have a college education and not many may even have an education period, however, use what you do have. This is exactly what Morgan did – he understood and always learned how things operated. This self taught “creative” knowledge is what put him ahead of those who were “educated” only by books.

Some lessons all black entrepreneurs can learn from Garret Augustus Morgan’s career and creative mind are:

  • Keep your entrepreneurial eyes open for opportunities.
  • Always try to solve problems, not sit in them.
  • If you see something needed, provide it.
  • Figure out multiple uses for one thing.
  • Have an open creative mind – literallyand figure it out.

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