June 25, 2024

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Luxury Fashion Designer LaQuan Smith Continues Making History

LaQuan Smith is a phenom in the luxury fashion industry as a fashion designer and founder of LaQuan Smith, LLC. He hails from the state of New York, having graduated from the High School of Art and Design, with many women in his family, noting his grandmother, having . after having provided a foundation of fashion in his life.

Although LaQuan felt the sting of denials from fashion and design schools to further his education, it was when he interned at Blackbook that he developed his own designer brand.

From there, he launched LaQuan Smith in 2008, making history in the now. According to his website, he has even sold out during the COVID-19 pandemic. Amazing.

What lessons can Black Entrepreneurs learn from the story of LaQuan Smith.

  • Never stop because you are denied. All isn’t over because you still have your skill, your purpose and your determination.
  • Sometimes it’s what you learn at home. That is where your purpose will come from as it can be come your greatest influence.
  • Work with others in the craft. This is where creativity and more innovative ideas flow.

LaQuan Smith has become a legend in the fashion industry, known amongst the most famous billionaire status celebrities such as Rihanna and more… and he never went to a higher education fashion school. Instead, he worked it!

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