May 22, 2024

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Black-Owned Carver Legacy Center Opening In North Omaha, Empowering African American Businesses

More black entrepreneurs are making a great move toward building wealth for African Americans in Nebraska.

Owners Revs. Martin and Lynell Williams of Ambassadors Worship Center and Willie and Yolanda Barney of Revive/SMB Enterprises are bringing the Carver Legacy Center in North Omaha dedicated to increasing capital and credit access for African Americans.

The location of this center is historic because it is where the first black owned financial institution opened in the city back in the 1940s – the African American Savings and Loans. Money deposited in a Carver Legacy account benefits African American businesses in North Omaha.

Most importantly, accounts are FDIC insured, and anyone can open a Carver Legacy account at the Carver Legacy Center on Lake Street as well as at American National Bank, who is working in partnership with the owners of the Carver Legacy Center.

Not only a financial institution, according to Journal Star, the Carver Legacy Center will be home to Barneys’ Revive Omaha Magazine and Revive Black Business Network, a space where black owned businesses can showcase their products, and there will also be a Legacy Wealth Center teaching financial empowerment and home ownership.

For more information, visit American National Bank.