April 14, 2024

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African Americans Are the Smartest Workers of Any Minority Group in the USA

African Americans have been the smartest working group in the United States of America, and have also been considered the biggest threat throughout United States history. When one considers their size in population, their educational levels, being the most educated in the country, as well as the fact that they are the wealthiest of all the racially black people in the world, the African American ethnic group displays their sharpness and wit with all the proof to back it up.

African American people have made ways out of no ways while the strength of the United States government came down upon them for centuries. Even when they were the hardest workers enslaved, they became the smartest workers in United States history, knowing how to influence and change the laws while assisting the enslaved to escape and at the same time creating inventions and businesses, from media to banks and real estate, establishing places for Black America, all of this happening in the 1700s up until now.

It was in 1876, just a decade after the Emancipation Proclamation officially release from the bondage of slavery the rest of the African Americans in the South of the USA and the nation that The Boston Globe published a full piece on the differences they saw between what was considered and educated “Negro” versus a smart, or sharp, “Negro”.

Q: Do the Southern people want the Negro educated?

A: Yes, the Republicans there desire them educated from principle; and both parties, Democratic as well as Republican, desire it for business convenience. It is much easier to get along with those who are educated a little and do not become “smart”.

Q: What do you mean by “smart negroes”?

A: … who can read a little, and are ambitious to hold office, who get up midnight meetings, harangue the people, unsettle the plantation laborer, and are disturbers of the peace generally. This is the class of Black men who are a pest. Who talk of a Black man’s party. They say… ‘Why don’t you turn out the white man and put yourselves into office?’ thus disturbing the labor.”

The Boston Globe, August 1876, Page 1

It was later that the smart, or sharp, African Americans not only had their own schools and colleges, but their own cities and wall streets in more than one place in the nation. African Americans even owned Harlem within the span of 15 years in the 1920s! African Americans even passed several laws that influenced the USA in the 1800s since they were also elected officials.

This is when American businesses felt threatened, as reported several times in past newspapers, and decided to hire outside of the USA because the African American refused to work for lowly wages simply to gain a pat on the back as a hard worker. Everyone around the nation figured out quickly that African Americans were not only educated, but the smartest worker. This made American businesses coax foreign workers they called “docile” into taking the place of African American workers and giving them perks for doing so.

For a long while, this worked and still does for some, however, with association comes assimilation, and there were some racially black Caribbean Americans ended up joining ranks with African Americans. While all this was going on, African Americans started the most powerful Civil Rights movement in the history of the USA and the most powerful boycott to ever happen on the land. Both of these caused the government to fold! All the while, African Americans remained successful, having a full working network from North to South. It was the most powerful thing any white man had ever seen since the Underground Railroad and the Stono Rebellion.

In less than a century, African Americans went from having 35 millionaires in 1960s to 2 million in 2024. Unfortunately, it is this same power that terrifies many people when it shouldn’t. African Americans simply want to add success to the USA, but because their success tends to intimidate more than one group in the country, they try and dismantle everything African Americans have achieved, such as when a Conservative Asian American man helped take down affirmative action, which proved the “educated versus smart” theory again. It wasn’t smart to take down affirmative action as it potentially hurt even Asian Americans, which they quickly discovered.

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African Americans have the education and the wit to survive and thrive in the United States, whether segregated or integrated, whether down or up, and it is this adaptive and resilient nature that made them known in times past as the biggest threat to what was very much a racist America.

Times are getting better but there is still a ways to go.