May 29, 2024

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Movie Rental

Mother and Son Launch Movie Rental Business With Covid-19 Stimulus Check

Most of us thought that the movie rental business was dead, but the movie rental business has be re-imagined and launched by a mother and son duo.

Movie Mayhem was founded by 38 year old mom Kasey Woods and her son Treylin Lewis, an 18 student at Howard University. Using the stimulus check provided by the government during the COVID-19 crisis, she was able to buy an inflatable movie screen along with a 4k HD Bluetooth projector and speakers, lights and set up technician and they were ready to launch, according to the BronxTimes.

What Movie Mayhem does is reach where Wi-Fi may not reach – the backyard. This is ideal for churches, daycares, and more, especially at a time where social distancing is a must and theaters aren’t ideal locations due to the indoor close quarters. Outdoors is much better and safer.

Movie Mayhem has become a fresh black-owned business located in the Bronx by a family of entrepreneurs with a mind set on fixing things for the future. Visit Movie Mayhem to learn more and rent.