June 22, 2024

Black Entrepreneur History

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Anti-Racism Is Historically a Major Part of Black American Culture In Entrepreneurial Ways

Black Culture, or African American culture, has always been a culture of anti-racism, and it manifests itself in entrepreneurial ways as a result of the various forms of resistance and protests against discrimination, racism, and injustice since the days of slavery.

Some of the ways in which African Americans’ culture of anti-racism showed up in the form of the Civil Rights Movement, Black Power Movement, founder of the first hospital with integrated staff by Dr. Daniel Hale Williams and even in sports with the founding of the first integrated golf course by William J. Powell and even in literature/plays, such as the title Slaves’ Escape written by the author Pauline Elizabeth Hopkins and poetry by Langston Hughes the Leader of the Harlem Renaissance.

More recently, a plethora of African American literature continues this movement of anti-racism boldly in titles that speak to the current rash of injustice across the United States of America. Some of the authors and titles are listed below.

Not only has resistance to racism and hatred come in the form of literature, but in art, such as the way Augusta Savage created The Harp sculpture, inspired by what became known as the Black National Anthem. Therefore, it has been documented and awarded throughout the time African American people set foot on the New World that those who were able to do so made a living out of creating businesses for African Americans where they were shut out, thus, fighting racism through entrepreneurism.